We are now open all weekends until last of September! The restaurant is open 11.00-17.00, welcome!

Welcome to restaurant and mini-zoo Pannkaksladan (Pancake Barn) in Höganäs


Open saturdays and sundays during spring 2022. When schools ends in the beginning of june we are open all days until school starts again mid august or end august.

Pannkaksladan in Höganäs is a very special restaurant. We are famous across Sweden for our completely unique and different pancake-buffet. We do of course have other things on our menue for those who do not wish to eat from the buffet.
If You have any questions after reding this text, contact us by mail or phone
At Pannkaksladan are lots of activites such as playground,mini-zoo, segway and our game house
The buffet
When you order our buffet you get so much more than just pancakes and free coffe, water, milk etc.

The "american" part of the buffet consists of american pancakes, chili con carne, chicken, pasta, potatoes, and a swedish kind of pancake that is cooked in the oven with bacon in it. Put some lingonberry on that!

We encourage our visitors to take two american pancakes, bacon and maple syrup one on of them and chili con carne on the other one (and perhaps some sallad and/or pasta/potatoes) to help experience the whole buffet.

The "swedish" part of the buffet is the part with all the sweet pancakes and topping. We have at the moment 14 different kinds of pancakes with different flavors. The most popular being chocolate, banana and vanilla and some of the others are licorice, coca cola, strawberry and coconut. This part also has different kinds of jam, whipped cream, chocolate pudding and sprinkles to have on top the pancakes.

Our latest addition to the sweet part of the buffet is our home-made pancake snacks. One is sweet spiced with sugar and one is saltier spiced with BBQ seasoning.

Also included on the swedish part of the buffet is our famous "deep-fried pancake", this one is almost like a donut. But don't try this one first or you'll end up too full to taste the rest of our delicious buffet!

All the drinks are included such as soft drink, water, coffee, tea and milk.

About us
Pannkaksladan has been around as a restaurant since 2010. Every year we have approximately 60 000 unique visitors. Almost all of them order the buffet but we have a lot of other popular meals here. Some prefer the BBQ menu and some prefer just a light sallad with a cup of coffee.
When weather not allow swimming in the sea, we usually have more visitors then when the sun is shining. A little tip to avoid the biggest crowds. Anyhow, we serve aprx 200 people per hour so even if the que seems long, the que mostly move forward acceptable.
We have 500 seats in- and outdoor so if it´s not reining we can use them all.

We also serve gluten, lactose and milk proteine free pancakes, in the buffé or on a kitchen made plate. Tell us what you want when you order. We also have "vegan" meals without eggs but for you who is egg intolerant can we sadly not guarantee that our meals are egg free 100%

There are alot of different things to do here. We have a mini zoo with approximately 60 different animals, including horses, donkeys, sheep, goats, pigs, alpacas, rabbits and hens.
We have segways that you can rent between 15 minutes up to a whole day if you wish. For the kids there is a small car track where they can drive around in a controlled area on our mini-cars. Next to the car park there is a game house with a lot of fun games.

We have a very child-friendly environtment but some nights grown ups show up to eat, listen to live music and have different theme-nights.

All of our staff speaks english. Some speak German.


What can we do in Höganäs?

For couple of hours?
For a half day?
For a full day?
With the kids?
with the family?
when it´s sunny in Höganäs?
When it´s reining in Höganäs?

You go to Pannkaksladan in Höganäs of course!
We celebrat 10 years 2019 and planning a lot of fun things during the season.

Fun for kids, adults, families and groups - small or big.

Go to our first homepage or to our page in english
This, and other meals can be ordered from the kitchen
but 99 out of 100 choose the famous Pannkaksladan buffé.